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(1) The Genome Health Foundation (GHF) aims to educate the public and health professionals about:

•DNA damage and its fundamental role in causing developmental defects, accelerated ageing  and degenerative diseases of old age such as cancer and dementia.

•Environmental, nutritional, life-style and psycho-social factors that harm DNA

•Genetic reasons for differences in susceptibility to DNA damage

•Improving the ability of cells in the body to maintain DNA integrity and regenerate successfully

•Tests to measure the various types of DNA damage and how to access such diagnostics

(2) GHF also performs and supports research on DNA damage diagnostics and prevention.

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The vision of GHF is a world in which:


1.Each citizen becomes fully aware of how vital and fragile the genetic material in their cells  and that of all life on planet Earth is.

2.Each citizen has access to measurements of their DNA damage and the means to mitigate against this fundamental pathology.


3.The environmental, nutritional, life-style and psycho-social factors that increase harm to the genome become better known and disseminated.

4.Communities and nations create environments that are conducive to the health of all organisms on planet earth at the fundamental genome level.

5.DNA damage levels are reduced to their possible and healthy minimum and the regenerative capacities and well being of body tissues optimised at the fundamental genome level.

This vision is also further elaborated in:


I swear to fulfil, to the best of my ability and judgement, this covenant:


 I shall endeavour to use the knowledge given to me to help my fellow beings to stay as healthy as possible at the genome, cellular, organ, system and psychological level so that they will not require to be cured from a preventable disease.

 I shall appropriately use the best validated diagnostics available so I can determine with certainty the extent to which my fellow human has drifted from optimal health and the causes of such harm at the fundamental genome level.

 I shall use holistic methods including nutrition, life-style, environmental and socio-psychological approaches that are best suited to return my fellow human to a state of well-being sustainably and within their means.

 At the community level, I shall contribute to create ecologically viable, genome-protective, enjoyable, stimulating environments, nurture the establishment of caring and engaging societies, allowing equal opportunity for realising one’s purpose and creative potential whilst securing optimal health to do so.   


Note: This vision and the new Hippocratic Oath were originally published  by

Prof Michael Fenech , the founder of GHF,  in 2013.

Reference: Michael Fenech, A public health genomics approach to improving well-being based on DNA damage prevention using nutritional, life-style, environmental and psycho-social strategies  ACNEM Journal Vol 32 No 1 – March 2013



The Genome Health Foundation aims to support and do research on:

•  Methods that accurately measure DNA damage at the mitochondrial, telomere

and chromosomal DNA damage level

•  Translation of DNA damage diagnostics into clinical practice

•  Dietary , life-style environmental and psychosocial factors that cause loss of

genome integrity

• Interventions that reduce DNA damage in people across all age groups


• Building data bases on DNA damage in human populations


Educational activities promoted and supported  by  the Genome Health Foundation include:


  • Public lectures

  • Symposia at conferences

  • Lectures to professional health practitioners

DNA Damage Diagnostics
& Genome Health Clinic Services

The Genome Health Foundation is planning to provide DNA damage diagnostics services starting in 2021 using the best validated DNA damage biomarkers:

Lymphocyte Cytokinesis-Block Micronucleus cytome assay

Buccal Cell Micronucleus assay

Chromosome aberration and

Telomere length assays

A Genome Health Clinic service is planned to become operational in 2022.

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